Without a Computer


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life After Blogs.” Your life without a computer, what does it look like?

I’ve learned to love my computer, so much. The last object  my hands rid off as I go  for my night watch. I  caress it, even gives me company when dining alone. An inanimate object filling up a void in human company. We’ve witnessed  many love stories finding their way through it. Mechanically, I admit it’s efficiency when it comes to document writing  as  immediate corrections are promptly effected prior to printing or publishing.

Without it, Ill be back to the days when I cut and staple, literally, sheets and sheets of paper and  throw draft copies into the garbage. Also the days of nerdy scenes of me with stacks of books on my desk, those bulky, heavy printed materials.

Without the computer, the library is my house. Towering bookcases reaching the roof,  filled with books of different sizes,  uniquely colored, with this distinct paper binding smell.

if I am a young girl, I would make the librarian my mother or my father to guide me in life.

if I am a teenager, they will be my friends that I’d hang out with.

I probably would have an affair with a librarian and eventually make him a husband and have children with.

and I would bring my children to the library.

What do you think?

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