What’s in a name?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.” Write about anything you like but make sure you have all the colors of the rainbow.


Roy G. Biv. Is it possible that this may refer to someone elses’ name?  Perhaps. We can call anyone a name we like.

Red Magnolia is a name of a flower that grow specifically in China other varieties of course grows abundantly and very common this country. I think this is going to be a cool name for a daughter in case I’ll have one. I’d prefer my daughter adopting flower names instead of using inanimate objects like north or China. Incidentally red magnolia is also called indigo magnolia each color interchangeably graduates depending on the degree of exposure to the sun.

Blue Ivy. Did you know that this name is an anagram for “eulb yvi”  which they say in Latin means lucifer’s daughter? So who is her mother? The bitch? So celebrities are living up, high and mighty literary. They don’t want names we ordinary humans use.

Orange Julius. A mixture of ice, orange juice, sweetener, milk, powdered egg white and vanilla further redeveloped to make the acidic nature less bothersome to stomachs. It was named the official Orange juice in 1964 Worlds Fair. It is a chain of fruit drink beverage store that began in 1920’s.  The company was  bought by international Dairy Queen in 1987, by inclusion in 1999, Berkshire Hathaway owns the rights to all its stores.

Yellow bird. Up high in banana tree. Did your lady friend, leave the nest again? So the preceding are few lyrics from the song  title “yellow bird”. It sings of loneliness and sadness, a state which not one of us would like to be in.

Green is the color associated with go, grow, glow food. I wonder why no one as yet has thought of using green for a name. Perhaps people doesn’t want to be reminded with something that we gobble up on our plate. To be called a name sounding like what we put in our mouth gives one a feeling of getting victimized. Someone helpless and weak whose fate is relegated to the stronger and powerful one. No one even wanted to be branded as green with envy  most of the time as that would entail to show that one is always on the admiring side and never the one to be admired.

Violet is another flower, a name we fondly use for girls. It is beauty and charm together.  As I’ve said I’d rather have the name of flowers as my children’s name. Hearing or listening to a flower’s name brings to mind the words sweetness, a darling, something to treasure or love.

What do you think?

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