The Other Me

happy.japanesemaskThe other me is that person out there in the mirror. I saw her before. You see all this time I thought she was fine all along. Loving and living her life. Looking in the mirror, I see those wrinkles in between the eyebrows, fine lines around the eyes, uneven skin tone, scars from the pimples past, sagging eyelids, flesh along the cheekbones is gone. But, a few days ago,  I tried something new. I told her “I love you”, giving her hat sweetest smile I ever done in my life. Never’d  done it before scared that if someone catches me smiling in front of a mirror, I’d be accused of unsound mind. It was actually a grin where the cheeks met the earlobes but folded right back. Awkward. Deadpan. I left it at that. I did it the following day. It was a miracle. She smiled at me even before I did. In fact, the smile hasn’t left my mind.  I knew very well the muscles’ placement, the how wide my lips were open, and the portion of my teeth showing.  Each time I get back to the bathroom, I need to take a peak at her smile, and I noticed the smile gets sweeter and it’s like a doll,  a smile that never left its face. Not only that, it became my trademark smile I’d give to anyone I’d talked or see.  And because of this I decided to be charitable by giving her positive words. “You are smart, full of sense of humor and your future is bright”. This time her smile grew into chuckle, giggle. I told her not to make a sound, this is going to be our secret.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

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