Cringe Worthy

imageYes, my last post was eight days ago and I knew what and how it happened. Not that there wasn’t any done, there were, they’re all in my drafts and I couldn’t seem to resurrect them from that state. Just last week I felt heaven posting almost everyday, wordpress hadn’t told me this could happen. At some time you could do it everyday then the  next time you’ll feel just giving up. After delighting in the world of words, those same words will need to migrate when the weather changes.

I’m writing this on Mother’s Day. My mom is in heaven, the last time I dreamed of her she said she is going up. I’m sure shes smiling and pleased with everything. She has done the impossible, the unbelievable, the unachievable, only somebody like her could do it.

Happy Mothers Day. A lot of greetings, this is like Christmas, merry Christmas to all! I wish they’d make this more meaningful instead of just greetings. Children should make all those meaningful Mother’s Day cards they do in school. Yes, it should come from children to mother and not generalized greeting like merry Christmas to all. And if they post on Facebook, they should be readable worthy. Just my opinion.

About the prompt, after digging up my storehouse of data located in the northernmost part of my body I therefore conclude I couldn’t think of anything. I only need to break this long hiatus on non posting.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cringe-Worthy.”


What do you think?

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