Taking Care of Yourself But not Sounding Selfish


Yesterday even if the sun was out warming the empty spaces and corners in the park the gentle breeze manage to cool the atmosphere simultaneously brushing the hair from our shoulders. My friend sat down on the red painted steel chairs as she run fingers on her hair, inhaling a deep sense of peace. Or maybe guilt. Because as we sat and relax she thinks it is a time withheld for a family member that needed care. My unsolicited advice was she needed more relaxing moments as much as the other family member who needed her services.

The same unsolicited advice given to me back then when I had my first paycheck. Because I was the first one of eight children to land a job, everybody was looking up at me. I was hope, the tip of the iceberg. The meager income we made as a family have to be divided between food, clothing, shelter. No time to think about personal needs. Food comes first. It was confusing listening to advises like “take care of yourself” more often connotes personal material needs versus the basic needs of my family.

So how do you take care of yourself when you yourself needed to be taken cared of? How do you give when you have nothing to give?

It was easy passing by and eventually ignoring that tiny old lady that’ll probably see only once her arms stretching out in front of me or that stinky fellow in the train dressed in rags asking for pennies actually bills as much as possible.

In the first place show me someone who doesn’t need anything or something.

And what if they’re your own kin?

Well, you help what you could help. And the one thing that one can’t deny others are prayers. It’s surprising that when a person prays, both the doer and the receiver of the prayers are benefited.

My unsolicited advice is don’t give them unsolicited advice, this is not what they need, you might hurt them, they’re not ready and second, it is selfishness.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.” Tell us about a journey – whether a physical one you took or an emotional one.


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