Land of Confusion


I remember my teacher introducing us to the times table as we were finished with addition and subtraction during the last school days in second grade.  It was easy and fun reading in my loudest voice from the blackboard with her stick guiding us. But when I moved to another school my third grade eyes grew wide and my lips tight when my teacher specifically called me to answer a division problem.  I saw a  rectangle with one number inside and another one on the left. Whatever she saw from my face that day probably was enough to conclude what I heard very clearly,

“oh, she’s not good in math”. I can’t blame my mother bragging to first time teachers about how her children got honors in class  including me and neither would I blame a teacher measuring my IQ on the spot. The little girl’s  impression left in me was math is going to be my waterloo.

In high school I’d had trouble solving algebra the x’s, y’s, or the abc, the more I tried the more I failed. I thought I could pull a fast one on the system by saving my brother’s math notebook, who was a year older than me, as we both came from the same school and the same math teacher. I’ll come to school prepared for my math (copied) homework. My homework was correct  but the exams proved otherwise.

“Oh, She’s not good in math”  I think was retained in my mind. In college I majored in science but call it a coincidence when I got a job in an auditing office, thus, leading me the need to pursue another degree called  accounting, pure and nothing but math. I finished the academics but not the license as I was getting old pursuing another degree.

I wish I hadn’t heard those words, maybe I was good in math

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