All Day


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When I open my eyes, the Orange sky in the horizon greeted me, ah this is just the day for me. As soon as the clock hit seven, I jumped out of bed and change into something decent to match this day, well, it should be jogging suit, that I didn’t have at the moment, so what the heck I pulled my jeans, jacket and grab a hat, of course my iPad for picture taking

From the driveway I turned right then right at the next corner, downhill then left on a lane. The cool air continuously brushes my face as I walk under the trees until it reached a forked lane with a bird house, it’s not a bird house, it’s a golfers’ tea club, (do golfers do tea while golfing?, I don’t know) and led to two lanes, left and right. I took the right because I’m right handed and because the left lane looks wooded where the sun has not yet shone and it goes into rows of houses where I might see people of which I’m not ready to see. Although I met lawnmowing guys doing their job that I’d say hi and smile which they responded with the same smile perhaps they too weren’t ready to see people around though they would expect a couple or two because farther uphill I could see hats and golfers in shorts.

After around fifty steps on my right again I saw another lawnmower coming my way and there is this tunnel he came from so I decided to take  it and this is what I saw:

image   image

not a big deal, it’s just a golfing club. I don’t even know how many holes it have. But there’s this orange breasted bird I spotted upon. After that, except for the green grass greening, rolling hills rolling, water sprinkler sprinkling,   my goal was to walk and refresh and hoping to burn some calories off. That was secondary of course, I really wanted to enjoy this scenery, next time this is all covered with in white.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”


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