State of My Year

Post a day 2015

Post a day 2015

Hey, Ive been blogging for 160 days so far with 120+ posts. Short of my goal a post a day. My greatest thanks goes to WordPress for putting up this site, gathering and meeting people living in passionate web. Next is  my heartfelt gratitude to followers and likers for the time they’ve put in reading my posts and their generous heart for treating my ideas and thoughts with compassion and kindness. Last but not the least are the internet signal I get everywhere from other people’s house, Internet cafe and the libraries.

As a fellow blogger I am trying my best to do my task by reading all the blogs coming my way, making comments, following and pressing like. I assure you when I press like, I love them way more (I wish there’s a love button). I really would love putting in more comments which WordPress recommends but most of the time I had on this screen is enough to compose and post only as I had mundane task at hand. Right now I am getting hungry and I have to feed someone and take care of while squeezing whatever I could in this space of time.

This has actually replaced my morning pages, though, halfway this year I restarted it hoping to cope with whatever non posting I can’t do here. You see I really need to write and write write to be a writer. There’s a huge difference when I write here and in my journal. Here I get the feeling of formality, presenting my ideas logically, interestingly, authorly, creatively while the ones I do on my journal is just about anything.

Blogging or writing for that matter became a connective tissue between my personal and public life. My trying to win approval from others stayed on the sideline. Their approval is not relevant to my existence. I love my family and friends but I love myself more and so I will seek what matters to me most. Working in the health care business has taught me a lot of things. Workers can only do so  much, the pain a patient feels is his/hers alone.

Writing as a way of healing. One way or the other we needed healing from unconscious pain: the moment we rushed out from our mothers’ womb, the moment our umbilical chord was cut from safety and security, the pain of leaving loved ones and letting go, starting over and resigning, death and sickness, getting married and staying alone, getting involved with different people in pleasant and unpleasant circumstances.

My “State of Your Year.” actually is something I don’t want to measure in numbers and figures instead it’s what I want to see myself inside out.

What do you think?

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