The Zone


I’m in “the zone”, my eyes and fingers are busy, my mind trying to come up with this prompt. While I’m looking out the french door beyond the golf course, rows of houses on the far end, a road curving around,  mountains rising and trees in  it everything’s envelop above by a clear  blue sky.

Though I don’t think I could stay here for more than two hours sitting here, i would be lying if I say so. This calls for something to do like reading a book.

Incidentally I’m reading the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I can’t let it get away from  my hands, even while cooking or eating I make sure it’s beside me. I didn’t realize how  well written the story is. And I bet the movie is not as good as the book, as always. I wasn’t interested when it was shown. And so I finished the book in two days. And I cheated by skipping almost half of the book. I stopped right when Skombvist went to visit Henrik Vangar, flip a bunch of pages then began at the part where Salanan rescued Skombvist inside the torture chamber. Then from there I finished till the end. It wasn’t like I need to go back because I missed some data  to understand the story but more or less I understand what happened. If I have more time next time which is remote probably I’ll go back to it.

I also finished reading a week ago, The Blonde Ambition, written by a journalist Rita Cosby about Anna Nicole Smith. It was 240 pages and I finished it in three days but I read every word, no skipping. All these time I was reading it, my mind was wandering how could people use other people, and how could someone allow themselves fall prey. I was more commiserating with Smith because I knew she was real.

Although the Dragon Tattoo I think is based on a true story.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”


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