Honesty is such a Lonely Word


Lying is the word I could associate with dishonesty. It’s the only thing I can’t do when I was young. It’s getting confronted up face my mothers’ interrogation, my body defies what comes out of my mouth. It’s going to be a yes or a no. Stealing money from grandmothers’ handkerchief was easier  because I get the chance to ran far away back to our house, lay low for awhile then go back to her  when things seem fine. Being honest and stealing I think can’t go together. Getting away from stealing is a temporary relief, in the end I think grandma found another hiding place and ended my career. I’m glad.

So that’s why I was left with telling the truth, because undeniably my body defies myself. Not for the sake of satisfying others, but more of getting free from my own guilt.

Absolute honesty?  Yes and no.  It becomes integrity, honor, uprightness, fairness, self respect, sincerity, trustworthiness,  truthfulness, candidness.

Minimum honesty? There’s more. It becomes deceit, falsehood, fraud, graft, disgrace, dishonor, infidelity, corruption.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”

What do you think?

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