Smelling to Feeling


If forced to give up one sense, but gain super sensitivity  in another, which senses would you choose. To give up smell and double dose of  tasting.

Giving up my sense of smell will free me from the need of running away  from the homeless and beggars. Instead I would just hang around and sit with them and not be bothered at all.  Whether it be rotten egg, flesh, garbage it won’t make a difference as against  smelling channel #5, bacon, or fresh vanilla.

Any unpleasant smell lingering around is the effect of matter decomposing into gas, chemically speaking. Any pent up gas should be released otherwise it becomes a poison.

A double dose of tasting senses must be exciting. For the following reasons.

If I’m a food taster I’ll be able to cultivate my food sense without getting the calories. Once a drop of food touches my tongue I won’t need to eat more, because a spoonful is enough.

As a writer possessing this talent,  a good story comes by each time I’ll stick my tongue out in the air to taste what it has to offer.  The intensity of my sense of taste will enable me to tell past events of a place, important persons that once went this way. My tongue would recognize persons who were involve in making history.

I would lick my pen and’ll be able to write the story based on the amount and color of the ink. I will secretly lick the  paper so that from its texture kI’ll be able to write the appropriate genre. From its rough surface will come mystery and drama, smooth surface calls for romance and relationship, porous calls for fiction, etc. It should show me when and where to begin and end my story.

When I was young I used to lick my pencil and I would remember how the letter shows up bold and  bright on my paper. The more I lick the better I write.  That tiny amount of lead on my tongue wasn’t bad at all.

I would wish to learn an entire book without reading but just by licking.  Most people do this when opening pages of a book or notes,  sometimes I catch professional people doing it while being televised.  Maybe there’s a secret to that.

Moreover, from my tongue I would want to discern hatred and love, of compassion and indifference, of peace and war,

Although there’d be a problem because most things are on the net today. So that’s when I would use my eyes for reading. I’ll have to use my other senses for my other needs.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Super Sensitive.”

What do you think?

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