Cooking Magic


If I am to cook anytime, a little salt is an important ingredient. The chemical compound is sodium chloride and is abundant in our planet. Gandhi used salt production as his defiant acts againts the British monopoly on salt.

When Jesus said that I am the salt of the earth, Gandhi was in effect defending British monopoly on Jesus as the salt of the earth. The son of God offered himself free to all men therefore no one could have monopoly on him.

These days however, most people tries to stay away from salt too much of it causes kidney stone. Despite this information I still buy a lot of salt, because I use them to clean my gums. Mild solutions makes excellent mouthwash, throat gargle, sometimes I massage my gums with it.

Aside from food here are other uses of salt: Clean tarnish silverware, greasy pans, stained cups, ovens and refrigerators.

Salt is free and easy to make. But us, city people buy it from the supermarket. When I had the opportunity to visit a salt producing place  I had to admire God’s providence as I see these people making money from salt farming.

The farmer makes square plots, usually measuring 4×4 feet sorrounded with  four wooden walls. During high tide ocean water from the pacific rises jutting up to these plots, the water then gets caught up in the plots, after about twelve hours the water goes back to where it came from, low tide we call it. During the day that water is left to bake under the sun. Then either in the middle or end of the day, one could see crystal, white, shining particles reflecting from the heat of the sun and salt is ready for harvesting.

I am left in awe how could something so white, clean and pure come out of something dark, unpure and be beneficial to us personally and economically.

We live in an island surrounded by water. I remember complaining to my mom each time  I cook, which is like once a week, we always run out of salt. My mothers’ response was always, “I just bought some”. Because our country is very humid, I think the salt melts in our kitchen.  Even though we put them in the jar, seal it, after some time it melts. There is no long term preservation for raw salt. It always goes back to where it came from. Like high tide where ocean water rises giving free salt water to farmers, it goes back to the ocean during low tide, “you have enough salt to live for the day”.

I’m wondering how could the British monopolize salt making.

This is like Jesus telling us, you can get hold of me anytime and I will be there. But I have to leave at some point in your life because I’m giving you the freedom of choice. But I will be back if you want me back.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ingredients.”


2 thoughts on “Cooking Magic

  1. Wow, your salt works for a living. Still, I can’t imagine life without it, and I buy seasalt produced right here in Newfoundland, which is just the best ever.
    As for how the British could monopolize salt, if you control the government and the guns, you can corner the market on anything. Also, the salt tax in France was one of the grievances that led to the Revolution.

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