Page Three My Autobiography


I was nine years old when we moved to the big city.  Where I met new classmates, rowdy boys who didn’t brush their teeth. While the girls are starting to act like little ladies, I knew it because one of the girls made a comment on my short skirt.

When I was ten years old, my teacher picked me together with another classmate to do the Hawaiian dance. I didn’t like it, swaying my hips to and fro,  with my hands and fingers in the air looks like a seduction scene. I knew I’ll be eliminated because I deliberately made my body stiff while dancing. I remember accidentally cheating in one of the quizzes. As I put my paper on the teachers table, I saw the answers laying down on her table (was it an accident or was I tested?)  there was one item I didn’t know, when I saw the answer I copied it on my paper.

i was eleven years old when I get invited by my aunt to stay in their big house on summer vacation when there’s no school. I remember all the fairly tale books that I would read while I was there. How I love feeling those shiny, colorful and thick pages of paper as I flip the pages on my fingers, while I learn about stories of prince and princesses who lived happily ever after.

When I was twelve years old, I remember this guy liking me according to my classmate. But he never talked to me. Everyday we went the same road going home but he never approached me. When I was twelve years old, I remember being picked to play volleyball. A game I never knew. We went to play with other schools they call intramurals. We lost.

i was thirteen years old when I had my period, another term for mentruation, when my mother told me to jump three steps in our stairs so my period stops on the third day. Although I don’t think I jumped three steps, i was scared.

At thirteen years old, I would remember walking home from school because public vehicles were on strike, we would have fun walking for kilometers until we reached our own houses.

One day when I was fourteen years old, another classmate approached me, telling me about how another classmate had a crush on me. Everyday we take the same road and same bus, he never approached me. But he was not the same guy  when  I was twelve years old who never approached me.

When I was fifteen years old, I still don’t have a boyfriend. I remember reading a lot of pocketbooks that I borrowed from my neighbors. in the summer time I was selling halo halo, a mixture of sweetened fruit, with shaved ice on top, cream and sugar. I remember how easy it is to make money.

I was sixteen when I stayed overnight at a classmates house, we had a party. That was our farewell get together as we left for college. And I still don’t have a boyfriend.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Early Years.”

3 thoughts on “Page Three My Autobiography

  1. Loka, 15 ka pa lang naiinip ka ng magka boyfriend, ako nga 4th college na nang magka boyfriend, kaya naman sabi ng isa kong anak na nagkaroon ng boyfriend nang sixteen na siya, nagpa alam naman siya kung pwede, sabi ko “bakit mag aasawa ka na ba at naghahanap ka ng boyfriend?” sagot niya, “Mommy, hindi nangangahulugan na magaasawa na ako ngunit ako ay mag karon ng bf, para lang marunong akong makisama, to learn how to deal with boyfriend..” HINDI HINDI, pero alam mo. nagkaroon din siya. Sinagot niya yung lumiligaw sa kanya na hinihintay siyang maging 16..14 pa lang siya ay inaabangan abangan na siya.. But, you know what, BREAK na sila ngayon…Bakit ganon, ako din ang nasasaktan, kasi mabait yung BF niya at talagang feel ko na mahal siya.. Kaya lang ito namang anak ko… parang naguumpisa pa nga lang talagang magdalaga…so she said she has an ambition to finish her college, mind you, highschool pa lang siya nang magka BF. Plus yung daw BF niya, parang walang ambition to finish a career. But he is responsible the way i look at him… Well I dont know… he wasn’t always with me anyway… My daughter knows him better. And there must be a BIG reason why she broke up with him…That’s life… You cannot figure out or control anybody’s mind or choice or whatever they gonna be in their own future…Its God’s way of putting up your own life. Shall we call it destine? uhm. As what I have and had heard since I was little. Nobody know what you gonna be in your future life. So far. hey, you have a long way to go writing your autobiography. Whoow.. year by year? hey, did you remember, that’s the best training to start writing… MY LIFE. would be the title of my future book writing. NO, I did not patterned it after Bill Clinton….haha.. I could call his book, MY LIES…. oops.. i am sure he is not going to include the name of MONICA LEWINSKY. HAHA.. ok, lady, got to go… your AUTOBIOGRAPHY has a good start, or where’s the part one of it…uhm.. it could take you to 5 part or 6 part of it. Stating every age, so it could be 10 age for every part. You will have 5 or 6 parts to summed up… way to go… keep it up., woman. haha

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