What’s in a name or a title? All I ever wanted was to blog. Never thought it takes mundane things to do before setting out this task. So I chose the obvious, Journey in to the beginning. Wait, it’s actually real journey. Then I began feeling awful 😖.  Despite that,  I kept it for monthhhssss, I was ignoring the pressure of titles, names, etc., I wanted to start blogging! But as I read other bloggers’ title, envy was crawling into my heart, why do they have catchy names, while mine was so simple and predictable. But wait, isn’t that what I desired in the beginning? Simple and direct to the point. I resisted, resisted to change my title. I’m a results oriented person, who cares of title. But envy kept coming.

One day I had the luxury of time and decided on effecting changes in my theme.  So I changed it to the one you’re reading now, and now I’m reading it, I’m feeling not only awful but disgusted with myself as well. Should have gone back to the old name.

This title sounds piggish, they eat everything, then grunts. I detest being associated with pig. Holy pig! I can’t, my Chinese horoscope says I was born under the year of the pig. I’m nauseous. I’m feeding on whatever daily prompt gives me.

At least some people are taking in pigs as pets nowadays. They say they’re smart. Duh! I don’t know but i must think deeply about my next title.

After writing my blog at night I’m like a frog croaking wishing and hoping I could have written better things. I’m scared people will learn to know more about me. Sometimes I’m adamant when I tell stories. I withhold, shift, or redirect. I would like to lie and write fiction, afraid of being misinterpreted.

I want simplicity with mystery. Who cares? I better come out with another name next time.

Explain why I chose this title. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

What do you think?

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