What Makes A Blog Great?


(Drawing not mine)

So this is what I get after trying another prompt  and if I remember right this is my second attempt to answer this kind of prompt.

What is the measure of a great blog, anyway? Likes? Followers?

I came from freshly pressed and read blogs containing hundreds, thousands and more likes. If I read all of them there’ll be no time for me to answer this prompt.  All the featured blogs are true to their calling. Informative, eye opening, humorous, encouraging, in short they got my attention. I even got answers to some remote questions in my tiny nut shell. Gave me the feeling of belongingness.

Whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant. It’s in the bible.

Why is this bible passage here?

I like those blogger/authors who in exchange for comments gives away freebies such as number of pages of free editing/review. One time I read of free pizza and I was following that series for a while. At another time there was this offer of exchanging reviews on themes adopted between bloggers. For me those are ingenuous acts.

Not enough.

What I’m driving  is for one to be great one must give something out first. And we know what happens when there’s a giveaway, people go crazy. Though, this idea isn’t mine originally. But I’d like to say I haven’t taken any of those offers.

You heard about choosy beggars. Whatever’s offered is not what I need yet, or probably I don’t know how to use what they’re giving away. Or they may not be offering generously.

Its not easy to be charitable. Sometimes those who help get in trouble. I was warned before not to pick up anyone falling on the street I might be sued for inflicting more injury due to error in handling.

Have you heard of wise charity. In the case of the above situation,  call 911 or the police or stay with the person needing help.

When you give don’t expect anything in return. Give until it hurts.

Tons have been written on tips and advises to develop this craft. And I still need more. I have  accumulated them faster that they’re all tucked away neatly in folders all forgotten.

I mean aside from enjoying what they wrote, it hasn’t done much to my blog. That would be my measure of a greatness of a  blog in return. Once I’m a step higher as a blogger. More likes/followers?

Incidentally, I also read of bloggers with thousands of likes/followers who in the end doesn’t  know what to do with what they got.

A great blogger in the end I think just keeps on blogging. Mindless of the numbers until he/she gets what she wants in the end. But simultaneously mindful  whatever was written cannot be undone, the message has been sent and received exponentially, there’s no stopping.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Great or Greatest?.”

What do you think?

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