Three Wishes


My first wish, a lifetime free premium package from WordPress on my blog so I could use all the paid themes wherever and whenever I want them. I need it lifetime because I intend to stay with WordPress lifetime plus with all the changes and improvements that the engineers are doing it would take me lifetime to be technically efficient. But I really hope everything will be a one click away

Next: To publish my best selling book and because it’s best selling that means I’ll have my treasure to spend for my trips around the world, register with all online courses to help me develop my craft. Because I have WordPress I can do anything I want with writing.

But in the meantime, can you just give me money, that is what I really need right now.  In a few hours I have to pack up and go to work and I won’t have time to do more prompt. I made some new goals for blogging this month and this is just the first blog for that goal.

So now I’m hitting publish.

And had trouble again with publishing in Facebook. Am trying to link it there but it seems a connection problem has occurred. I have to read and reread on reconnection which I remember I’ve been through before which I further remember forgetting how to do it.

Today is my lucky day and I get three wishes granted by wp. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

What do you think?

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