Delayed ContaCt

Bette Davis

If I meet these people today it is not so much about how I knew them before but it’s more of how I’ve changed all these years. How I’ve changed from my insecurities about the way I looked, act or know  to just being satisfied with the way I am, a change in being more compassionate to their feelings than being too self centered, a change in knowing that after knowing more, more things are left unknown because half of what I know isn’t a complete knowledge after all.

We were a bunch of independent, irresponsible,  opinionated and unregimented people trying to show everyone that we could make it. I’m talking about me and my siblings. We were full of ego to the point of  being unrealistic and selfish to the needs of each other. Although by this time all of us must have changed physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Silence in family discussions is absent. There was never an issue or topic that each one never had any opinion. Everyone speaks out especially when it comes to washing the dishes, cleaning the house or helping in cooking the food.  The only person who never joined  the discussion was my father. He was the epitome of silence and deep thinking. While all of us are talking he never bothered to voice out his opinions. However, in case of disagreement his word is the final rule.

Independent people are intimidating. I remember resorting to crying if I didnt have my way. Well I was a kid back then, that’s what children do. Or in a worst case scenario we have shouting matches. But never physical violence.

So how would I treat them today. All those childish selfishness are solved by modern technology. I will get dishwashers so there’ll be no more discussion of who’s going to wash the dishes. Vacuum cleaner is the solution to the housecleaning chores that we were all staying away from. But when it comes to cooking, I could cook small meals for the family, if it’s not possible there is always take out food.

Modern technology will play a big role in as far as getting along with my siblings is concerned. There’ll be more topics to talk about, discuss and opine.  But this time the issue is not about household task instead we will talk about politics and religion.

How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s) or any other person you’ve known for a long time if you’ve met them today? In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Delayed Contact.”


What do you think?

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