On Being Hardheaded


Obeying  is a virtue that is as complicated as it is unfathomable for me specially when it comes to obeying people in seniority and authority.  To God, yes,  if I see Him now,  all my obedience is to him alone. Nah, I’m lying.  I’ll be like Adam and Eve who used to see and talk to God, yet,  found it hard to follow one specific instruction.

Watching Adam and Eve walking in the garden, admiring the beauty around them on that one fine sunny day, God didn’t stop them as they tripped on a snake along the path.  He thought the beauty and bounty of the garden was enough to make them turn away from listening to a glib talking, deceiving snake explaining how delicious and luscious that apple fruit is.

It broke God’s heart to ban Adam and Eve, eventually us, from the paradise. God saw what we wanted, a free will.  Following ambiguous and illogical orders makes us unappreciative, irresponsible and reckless in our actions. Worst is we tend to pass on our fault to others. Like Adam and Eve passing it on to the snake.

When I work as a housekeeper, I remember given specific instructions on how to fold each blanket, sheets, fitteds  and duvets. All of them used in a bed aside from pillows and shams, each folded differently for ease in classification in the closets, a reason I was told but never paid attention. But in a closet filled with hundreds of various  items, yes, identifying and differentiating one from the other is a pain in the butt.

After  laundrying and ironing the same things over and over for weeks, one day I decided to fold all of them the same way, presuming that even with the uniformity in folding it was easy to classify each one from each other basing on the thickness and volume of the material. From my own point of view there was a big difference in each one and ease in identifying them. But then this turned out to be a huge blunder with all the other housekeepers. They couldn’t immediately differentiate the sheets, blankets or duvets. It took them days to configure the changes I made.

Learning a reason behind a simple instruction is a prerequisite for my complete obedience to following a task. An absence of a complete reason to do a task, opens myself to exercising an unnecessary creativity in the hope of improving the delivery of my services. In the case of the above situation I wanted the closet to look neat and tidy with a uniform fold of bedroom accessories to look just like in the department stores. A good  intention on my part but something that is not called for in some situation. Nobody told me.

Admiring the beauty and feasting in the abundance around the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve were tasks that eventually made life too boring for them.

Tell us a habit that you’d like to break. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”

What do you think?

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