Good times


I could do this in two options: first is when I am alone, and next is spending it with friend/s.

Having been asked this question a couple of times, spending this day alone should be easy for today.

Going out to the park first thing in the morning would give me a chance to join this meditation group that I’ve been hearing for so long. This meditation would probably consume an hour, then another hour I’ll spend for walking or running. At about ten, I should be home, take a shower, sit on the couch and catch up with some reading. Then I’ll have lunch and dinner in some fancy restaurant. There’ll be time for me to make a long distance call and talk to some friends at home after dining.

Calling a friend or two and invite them to go out of town is the other option There is a one day trip to Atlantic City, though we are not casino regulars, but we’ll try our luck for this day.  I have a friend who likes going there but only if she has company. My friend has some kind of luck, making her win a few couple of bucks every time we go there. Playing the slot machine is the only game I do  and I’ve no intention of learning some other kind of game.  This is also like I wouldn’t venture into drinking to learn how to write, a habit I’ve heard that some writers do. This is treading into dangerous ground.

Going out for bowling is another fun activity that I would like to do. I’m sure my friends would all have fun, since it’s indoor and we don’t have to bear the heat and humidity outside.

Watching and catching up on movies that I missed on the screen. With Netflix on the tip of my hands I could pick out any movies I want. Pop out a bag of popcorn on the microwave, a can of soda or juice, call out for delivery of Chinese or Spanish or Italian food, or pizza and everything will be fine.

Imagine that tomorrow all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get all the day to yourself to do anything you please. What type of fun activities would make your day? In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”

What do you think?

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