The Media is Silent on Butchering of Babies

Up at this hour I have never seen anyone making comments or writing about the recent videos involving the gruesome killing of babies inside the womb of mothers. Unlike racism, sexism, homosexuality, cruelty to animals, of which countless comments were made, I myself made one, as far as I know not one here spoke against these barbaric killing.

Watching those tiny embryos with legs, arms, eyes tugged at my heart. My not being a mother in the strictest sense of the word is not an excuse, it took me this long to speak for those babies. Yes, I read and watch the video from my Facebook weeks ago hoping that for every sharing I made, the message in the video should speak for itself and defend itself.

Does my non speaking  be categorized under this old wisdom where “evil persists because good people do nothing”? Perhaps nobody mind belonging to either evil or good. We all just wanted to be in the middle. Not wanting to be accused of false humility by branding ourselves good, neither do we accept association with the extreme end. When for every expose we could always turn our heads, close our eyes, put our pens away, go to bed and wake up the next morning hoping a voice will come “crying out in the desert”.

It behooves me to think that people who have power in their hands,  promoting animal welfare, condemning war, racism, sexism, injustice, poverty or unequal wealth,  hunger or  obesity, terrorism,  nuclear weapons, should have done so. Where are they?

The west end, because no one is making a profit defending these babies, it will take hundred thousands of dollars to raise a kid, it’s better to butcher them because profit is more important now than tomorrow. In business, idle cash in the bank is not good business, it has to be invested in other business to make more money. The amount of money that a child will spend in his/her lifetime has been computed, budgeted and fully accounted. And it all amounted to a huge sum of money, money better used for other business now.

The west end wants to make more money now for a car, house, vacation while babies could come later. It’s not a human being yet, it’s just a zygote, a sperm and egg cell joined together by reasons we couldn’t figure out until we all rendered it  a miracle. After nine months this miracle gave joy and smile to peoples’ faces all around.

And now the miracle has shown itself, a beating heart, liver, kidney, lungs, brain, head, arms and legs. It’s a miracle. A miracle for sale.

I am deeply grateful for the people who exposed these acts, for their courage at not keeping their mouth shut and using whatever it takes to help these babies.  In my own little way, I’ll continue praying for all of us.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “West End Girls.”


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