Pro-choice, Pro-life, Mothers, Aborted Babies


The ongoing debate between pro-life and pro-choice deviates the issue away from the very people who are the victims themselves, the mother and the unborn child.

I am pro-life. I am not here to expound on it. Neither am I here to judge pro-choice.

These debates may go far and spread out to deeper issues, whoever wins here, let’s face it there will be abortion, one week or twenty weeks, whether deliberate or accidental, legally or illegally, whether we like it or not from here on into the future.

In the meantime, lets look at the mother, the first victim, who, in her helplessness is taken advantage by an individual, followed  by an institution who claims she is doing the right thing, but, unknowingly subjecting her health eventually her life at risk, one error pining after another.

The other victim is the unborn child, whose humanity has been curtailed before he/she sees the light of day, and whose only proof of humanity is its own flesh and blood, the same flesh and blood that cost a mother’s life is now transformed into an ordinary general merchandise.

The unborn child whether by accident or deliberate act deserves a form of respect.

If selling fetuses are ethically right, then let’s not make any exception, the bodies of our family and friends, even our own should be subject for research or organ donation, there should be no need for permission. An idea that always makes me cringe each time I’m asked when filling up government forms. Fetuses, I bet, would cringe as well, if they’re given the options.

I believe that fetuses and all aborted babies for that matter are entitled to some form of human respect on their first and only hour here on earth, the way society accords respect to another human being on their last and final days here on earth, by giving them decent burial. An aborted child should be given a name, a birth certificate and a death certificate, and, a decent burial, the only respect that we could give them. The same reason and respect we give our loved ones who passed away.

Mothers, on the other hand, should be given the honor and privilege to grieve and mourn for a child lost.  A human being formed out of her own flesh and blood, whose only affinity to this world is the  mother who bore him.  Whose grieving and mourning has meaning only to a child that came from her womb.

That is why Jesus loved his mother so much her mourning and grieving were the only tears that mattered to him. Even when his God side kept saying “grieve not for me, but for your children’s children”, his humanity was longing for her, a longing that only a mother could fathom.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worlds Colliding.”


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