Beauty Ritual


Vanity of vanities. My daily ritual is as you’d guess it is. An ageless and timeless pursuit  by mankind. Brought in the belief that vanity won’t contribute to a beautiful soul is not an impediment for me to scrutinize each pore, fine lines and wrinkles  that now forms the landscape of a once young and supple sixteen year old face. I thought they’d stay there forever.  I’m bombarded with all those fifties women in TV and magazines claiming that I could be like them, I want to give them a chance.

I’m using turmeric, mix with flour and water or honey. Check the Internet for more instructions. Rub the stuff on your face, leave it for 20 minutes or so,  it dries up like mask, then rinse. Indian bride use them the night before the wedding to make their skin bright and clear. My skin turned yellow and bright after the application and I shriek, “I have hepatitis”. Not to worry it came off after washing my face with soap. I felt my skin smooth and soft after the application. They say to do this three times a week. A future instruction I couldn’t promise to adhere.

Before this turmeric thingy, I was using papaya soap, made from my tropical country which according to the label and the grapevine helps to smoothen and turn my complexion fair and white. In my country every girl wants to be white, while women here spends money for tanning. And now I’m chronologically luxuriating, I would leave that papaya soap for 15 minutes to work wonders in my skin.

So I did the turmeric every other day (last Saturday and Tuesday, today is Wednesday) and the papaya soap morning and evening (since last Monday to today only) and looking at my face in the mirror this morning, it’s clean, that’s all I can say. If I turn into a younger looking woman two weeks after this vacation when I get back to New York and my friends won’t recognize me, I’ll give you dear readers an update.

This morning, I turned my face at my boyfriend giving him the sweetest smile I could muster, asking his opinion on any dermatological transformation that may have happened overnight. He yelled, his eyes gleaming with joy, I almost believed him.

Seeking the services of mall consultants and their products decreases their effectiveness each time I see the price tag and the young models that go with them. Once I bought six different creams to apply on my face one after the other, lasting to a few minutes or more, to apply upon waking up and before going to bed. The second time I did it, I had trouble identifying which cream comes, first, second or third and confused about what time is bedtime because I read books until ten or eleven at night. It took me two hours to finish the entire procedure only to wake up doing the same thing all over.  Again, confused as to which creams comes next and wondering if doing the procedure closer to the last one will wreak more havoc into my skin and brain figuring out which bedtime they’re talking about.

I want the miracle that appears on my Facebook page when they show this 67 year old woman who look 60 years old after using this particular product. To look sixteen when you’re fifty, is not feasible.

And because beauty is also internal, I am taking orally this concoction called golden paste, a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper and coconut oil. Check the Internet if you’re interested.

One note is when you cook this golden paste, be sure not to overcook, store in the refrigerator, use within two weeks.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”


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