All’s Well That Ends Well


My journal is a mix of what I’m doing, planning or done as a way to bring organization into my life. It’s not an undirected life, it’s this desire to do something greater than what I’m presently doing.

And now it shows me a need to do some catching up with blogs I promise i’d do. Not keeping up with a personal commitment is like a worm that’s gnawing my insides. No amount of lying could cover up that hollow spot. I could spend days and night or pages and pages of justifying, “you’re not trying too hard”, is what I hear at the back of my head.

Committing with other people for tasks  I could hardly do is easier. I always count on their leniency and consideration. Let’s see, I got hooked up with reading a book that’re not in my reading list.  That’s why. Although  whatever’re  in my reading list, remained a list.

I was about to pick up these rope with  thorns on end and flog myself, but I decided to take a walk and abandon the idea.

I took a walk to town passing by this bridge. Underneath is a river, not the usual raucous flowing water that characterizes a river not until it reaches the other side of the bridge where a bend comes. From the other side it is a stagnant water peaceful, serene and quiet, its bottom is a big picture, a scenery of its own, big rocks on top of each other, wrapped in green moss, rotting leaves that now serves as nutrients for whatever living creatures lives down there. It’s banks are filled with tall trees like soldier guards, branches and twigs hovering over giving a 21 gun salute.

On the other side of the bridge is a bend where the water flows giving that miniature water falls look, that’s when you hear the infinite joyful splash, as the once calm, silent water touches more rocks down the bottom of the river, flowing water finding its way in and around more rocks forming the river bed.

This river always looks the same. With its own physical structure, unique rock formation, or tree specie that grows around it. The bend where water flows on the other end stays the same, any change is unnoticeable to my human eye.

But its never the same water five minutes ago, or this morning because they’ve flowed peacefully away unperturbed. A task that each atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen were destined to do together.

Just flowing is the water’s primary task, invisible to the human eye is the new life it brings, calmly and gently it changes the water molecules from new to old.

This river looks stagnant, but something is happening underneath and I know, All’s well that ends well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Cliffhangers.”


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