Crashing WordPress



Introduce yourself. Or say something about yourself in one or two sentences. Although I was quite ready for this request particularly when meeting new groups the only thing I wanted to overcome that day was getting over the butterflies in my stomach among my English speaking audience. “My name is Aida, I never had a formal or academic training in writing.  I’m a blogger. I  woke up one day that i want to be a writer”.  As soon as I put a period on the last word, the person beside me did hers.

It was certainly a figure of speech. And yes, it wasn’t just a dream.  It was an inspiration bred out of passion from reading books depicting stories of people around the world as well as my families’ own personal stories.

It won’t be an easy mountain to climb, a fact and a reality I expected  associated with my quest.

Thanks to ultra high  technology,  that dream is within my grasp. Not only do I have the platform that WordPress provided but I share similar experience with people all over even those coming from the opposite part of this globe. Technology managed to minimize the problem of space and time, information traveling almost as fast as light and we now feel more united one way or the other.

Thanks to blogging, where I get the chance to express my  innate longings, never before told secrets weave them into a fabric of tales and share them with passionate audience.

Yes, I want to crash this website with thousands of readers on my blog.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.”

What do you think?

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