Username, Passwords and Self Expression

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I am jealous of dancers, singers, poets, painters or sculptors, they have their own brand of self-expression. Dancing and singing are definitely just for my bathroom performance.  I tried  indulging in art by purchasing some supplies (is purchasing an art?) hoping that one of these days my interest would just “click in”. With time flying by and my supplies neatly laid out in my working table, touching them  wouldn’t  happen not even in the near future.

On my other personal  note, I’ve been experiencing what they call a writers’ block (yes, I’m  a writer). I write, rewrite, then rewrite, the page goes blank and so does my brain. For many days I sit on my glue chair, for many days I was unsuccessful.

Worst, my  toastmasters club  has been emailing me, personally, I’ve been procrastinating the treasurers task  in my Toastmasters Club (Flushing Toastmaster, we meet in Flushing Library in Main Street, Flushing New York, 1st and 3rd Monday meeting).

An accountant by profession my decision to accept this job was premised on  minimal club transactions with twenty plus members renewing dues on September and March. That’s what I thought.  My random approach in accomplishing the task isn’t helping at all rendered complex  due to third party digital transactions, emails,  digital bank transactions on the payment, receipts and remittances to other parties.

I have realized I now assume two  persons, mine and as treasurer of the club, transacting  with two virtual sets of personalities  mine and that of the club.  Usernames and passwords are my entry into the digital world.  My carelessness in handling  passwords  is confirmed with more passwords as treasurer. Some of my passwords are secured in my cellphone, the not so important in some notes i forgot. While passwords as treasurer were written elsewhere. Despite the trouble I encountered I did my job disgraced and humbled but grateful with a huge help from my president.

At our last executive meeting  I committed to drafting a simple Financial Manual of Operations for the club and for the future treasurer. A document even though how simple is  indispensable to an organization.

My lack or no talent in the field of art  is compensated by training in my profession. What’s more surprising was as I was engrossed in reconciling the accounts,  my mind is sprouting with ideas on how to write my posts. Mathematics is both an art and a science. It is an exact science, exact to the last decimal point. It is perfection, just like art that strives for perfection.

My profession has taught me my self expression, perfection.

As of this writing,  my brain is back. Welcome back brain!!!!

Favorite way to express myself. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

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