Sticky Situations


I was looking forward to twelve days of idling, sitting down in front of my internet, or a pen and paper on hand, appreciating the changing hues of trees from green to yellow to orange. A season change I never realized its significance until we got lost along the road, my driver friend blamed it on the color of the trees. This is every writers topic I’ve read all the time. Have you ever seen a yellow tree, or orange or red? It’s here in Maine.

Well, except for the absence of Internet at home, which I wasn’t worried immediately solved by an internet cafe in town where I am right now I’ll be alright, I assured myself. And now After buying my cup of hot tea and cake and turning my iPad on, there was no internet connection. The counter lady told me it’s under construction. Is there more stickier situation than I am right now?

Maybe they don’t want me here and the Internet is off. They want me to spend more money  in exchange for this internet.  I can’t drink more coffee or eat more cake. I don’t want to compound my problem with more weight gain as I am now.

But who said  I’d need the Internet to write? Am I just passing the blame for my inability to come up with post?

I was sitting in the couch yesterday reading a book, using my phone to search online and doing all things that might trigger a fire of interest for a blog topic, to no avail.  Until I doze off hoping that traveling into the  other world would help. Headache was all I achieved after that.

Routine so they say is necessary for writing.  I wish it’s true so I’ve another thing to blame. Traveling more than two hundred miles is not a routine. Even if I tell you I’m getting married here, two hundred miles away from where I was before. Yes, I’m getting married and you’re all invited (to read my blog), by the time you finished reading this blog the ceremony is probably over.

Routine is doing the same thing over and over, mechanically like a robot. Boredom and ennui are its brand. No excitement. Writing is engaging in routine activities and now I’m getting married to be with someone day and night, no excitement.

But despite boredom, writers write and people get married. Excitement I guess is something writers seek out of boredom and couple makes their everyday life interesting to each other.

Tell us about a time when you managed to extract yourself from a sticky situation. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Saved by the Bell.”


What do you think?

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