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One one eight one five. First I’m glad there are three ones out of five digits in this series, the number one, a  perfect and  simple number comprising  the majority in this group. The majority has the voice.  One downward scratch that goes with the law of gravity, all things that goes up must come down. Or come back to where we belong. We have been rooted, from somewhere, sometime, back where we belong originally, instrinsically. Knowing where we came from shows us a forward direction, whether horizontal or vertical, the parameters are there.

For number one, there’s no need for a huge space, it squeeze itself in between, lay beside or on top of another straight line, incognito, maintaining still distinct qualities intact. One is the number that we clamor, one in love, heart and mind. If everybody is one with another there wouldn’t be any war, and peace becomes our one goal.  But the omnipotent that placed us here may have reasons it alone knows.

Because it may be stroked upward, just make sure you know where to stop as the space is infinite, one gets lost there, probably. It is a trip into an unexplored, undiscovered, unknown only a few dared to go. But no one is prevented to go. The ones who’ve been there came back successfully. They’re the ones that we listen to for their untold stories, telling us how the impossible are in reality the easiest to do.

Eight is another perfect number, as the saying goes, it begins and ends in the same place. So we begin and end in that same spot. Dust to dust. But it’s two infinite shapes, two circles on top of each other. Two infinites on each other. We have two chances of infinites, either way we decide, we are faced with infinite, unending choices. And to make life easy we trim it down to two  choices. Two conflicts. The two least evil.

While five is a complicated number. It begins and ends whichever way, not up or down, nor where it began. It stops and ends midway on both sides of the body, breaking the monotony of one and eight. Five is the number  breaking ties, deciding which one wins or loses. Examining you side to side, up and down, coming and going in an unpredictable way. It makes life surprising and interesting.  Aesthetically, it is a figure of a woman gravid with a life, a commandment our creator handed us all. Life resumes through another life in the womb,  the one who placed us here has figured it out even at the start.

Even as we go down or defy gravity like number one or go  around two circles like eight, going parallel where five ends remember is the way going out.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Days are Numbered.”


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