I was never one and I don’t have to be one to not feel their infectious energy and excitement, jumping and yelling at sports event in front of a television. Seeing myself acting in similar manner is not remote with my emotional tendencies.

The only game I play is volleyball but I’m not a star player as I am more of a substitute for injured ones. Which means most of the time I end up sitting in the bench and watching until the game is over.

I can make comments or criticize while watching, the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. It’s not even enough that I watch an event. At the next opportunity I go out and read the papers, listen to the  news as recounted by different media outlets.

We wallow ourselves about a sports event by reading or listening how others view the same event, discovering similarities and differences in perception.

One sports event I could never watch is a boxing. It hurts a lot. And I would always feel sorry for the loser.

All the winners  in all kinds of sports are my hero. I virtually feel their pride and joy except for the money and glory that goes to them.

Watching a game nowadays is just another forum that we created. Because we want to feel that same pride and joy for the winners. Even when I was only a substitute player, if my team wins I get part of the pride and glory.

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