It’s Raining Man

imageAs was forecasted, the pitter  patter I hear from my bed coming from the window is  rain, since  four am. It’s now eight. The sky  is covered with dark clouds hinting of more rain the whole day. But it’s about forty degrees, at least it’s not snowing, not bad. While I am safe and dry inside this building, without a need to worry for food or  clothing. In fact the complex  where I am is an entire community in itself there’s dining places, food shopping, gym, swimming pool.

The worst case scenario to happen if the people living here runs out of food because this is a senior housing complex.

Even with medicine and food supplement which would eventually run out, the first to die are in the following order, the sick, those physically weak who needs assistance and are a burden to the community, then those who think they could survive.

Whoever is left will feed on human emotions, anger, rage, jealousy, envy, lust. The weak in spirit will be depressed after witnessing their  loved ones and friends slowly dying. Overall frustration and helplessness will overcome these people falling  short and blaming themselves for not doing their best in taking care of their loved ones. Resentment and hatred will overpower those who felt betrayal from their own family and friends. Pride and ego will rule the mind of those left alive. There will be fighting  and killing.

There will be cannibalism in the end.

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