Back in my hometown news about children drowning especially in the summer would serve as a warning to us by our parents to not even dare touch the water. Swimming was the least activity we were encouraged to do.  The vastness of the ocean is a mystery and fear that our parents would never feed their children into it.

This didn’t stop me from enjoying the water, though. Any chance that I have to get on the water I’d teach myself how to swim, test the waters, dip in the pool, read books, or ask friends. One time I almost drowned, when I felt my toes wasn’t touching the sand, I knew I was in deep. But I managed to swim a couple of laps and safely to shore.

Today I am in deep water again. A look back at my 2015 goals. There wasn’t much to look at, failed my blogging targets, public speaking goals, etc. etc. in fact even this look back is coming  late.  Sometimes there is no reason to look forward.

I almost gave up even with this post. Twenty minutes ago I pressed another site, but I came back and this post will get published, NOW.

a time that i was left on my own. <a href=””>Sink or Swim</a>


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