My Top Ten

  1. Writing my daily prompt. Yes I’m still struggling to maintain my 30 minute writing post. Justifying this non performance is merely acknowledging how I easily submit to distractions.

  2. Working. I’ve been working the whole time I was struggling to do my 30 minute daily prompt.

  3. Organizing new years goals. I hate to say this. It is still disorganized.

  4. Working. Also I hate to say this. I was working while trying to organize.

  5. Cleaning my desk.  Right now it’s clean but  I’m sure the moment I start organizing my goals, my desk gets disorganized. And until my goals are disorganized my desk is clean.

  6. Working. At least I am happy to say I still got a job to pay my bills while cleaning my desk while trying to organize my new years’ goals.

  7. Adusting to my new job.  New clients, new environments, new people is the nature of my job. No, they’re old, a hundred years old. Adjusting to a hundred year old mind, having her own ways of doing things, keeping her house or making her coffee.

  8. Working. I’m happy with my paycheck while doing all of the above.

  9. Going out with friends. Breaks the winter in my life.

  10. Working. Still happy with my paycheck so I can do number 9.

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album. <a href=””>B+</a&gt;

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