(B)Advise for Bloggers

Perhaps  accidentally browsing, out of curiousity and for reasons only you could figure out, you found this site.

  1. Now that you are here, you have one choice, to proceed or not to proceed. Those who are here opted for the first.

  2. At this early, realize that you can  leave anytime you want, no hard feelings.

  3. If you leave, there are others who will come after you as others came before you. No one will mind, no one will know, no one will care. And you will be respected in silence.


  1. If you stay, there are bloggers who are just like  you, either they want to stay or they want to leave. You are not alone.

  2. If you leave, the goods reserved for you will be partaken by other bloggers who stays.

  3. If you stay, you will get the goods reserved for those who left.

  4. If you leave, you will always look back and wonder what would’ve happened if you stayed.

  5. If you stay, you would be able to answer the above.

  6. If you leave, you will never find the answers to all your whys.

  7. But if you stay, you are in the company of people who were brave enough,  to stay.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/key-takeaway/”>Key Takeaway</a>


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