Its Lactaid Not Milk


With no specific items to buy, only to stock up on primary food such as bread and milk I was standing in the refrigeration section of the store. The purple and white box of lactaid milk  on display, hit my eye. Reminding me that it’s consumed for lactose intolerant stomach. As I was looking at it it spoke to me like an idea suddenly and swiftly,  “why don’t you try me again”?

Being lactose intolerant myself, I never used to drink milk but maybe my stomach adjusted through time. Milk is a common food item at our dinner table ever since I met my American husband who guzzles it like water, as rice is to us Asians. I could almost hear his resonating laughter each time I tell him I’ll eat rice. But he’s drinking the 1% fat free, almost like water, while today I bought the 2% fat free.

As a caregiver of a hundred year old lady, except for knee pain and hard hearing problem,  I am amazed at her sharpness and wit, and she drinks milk before she goes to bed. Probably drinking milk at night would also  help in extending my mortality.

In the middle of the night, my stomach was in revolution, i felt a cramping pain that seems to go around in circles, a kind of pain that simply won’t go away, whatever’s inside wants to come out, so I jumped out of the bed into toilet. At this point there are no words that could describe my situation. Not only that I went back to bathroom three more times, for the next three mornings. Only in the morning.

During the day I try to regain whatever I lost in the morning. So I had the same diet. However it scared the hell out of me, its going on the fourth day. And on the fourth day, the pharmacy and all stores were closed because of the snowstorm.

To make the long story short, I survived through it. I found some rice, turned it into a gruel of sorts and ate it until my stomach went normal. No more milk, cheese, butter, creamy food. When the store finally opened after the snowstorm I went back to the store looking for more nutrients other than rice.

Then I saw, LACTAID, it spoke to me, like a friend, see, I am what you need today.

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