Gift Giving


It’s my husbands’ birthday on the 30th. The nose and ear trimmer I bought online was defective and returned. So now I don’t have a gift for him. I am not a birthday gifter basically perhaps because we didn’t grew up receiving gifts from our parents especially during birthdays. Christmastime is the only day I would send gifts to friends and family and to kids I always give money. If I were to receive or send birthday gifts it has to be something of utility, my advocate, otherwise those things end up in the garbage or we hear of regifting.

The first and last  gift I gave  my father was an aqua blue shirt  he wore when he was hit by a willys’ jeep driven by drunk soldiers in our town.  This just reminds me that they run him over twice  believing to better leave victims dead than end up shouldering mountains of expenses in case victims recover.

That’s what my mother said when I came home for the funeral. And, he  didn’t like the black pants, any black color is not a good sign. Then he was run over by a vehicle. This further warrants  my unbelief in giving gifts.

Giving gifts nowadays is easy and not easy at the same time. Since it  has become a good business, we find anything and everything under the sun. If  I decide on small items and ponder over its utility I end up not buying the thing. If I were to decide on utility I end up buying an expensive gifts. This is on top of figuring out the personality of the beneficiary, if it would contribute to his/her happiness.

Then when the gifts are unappreciated sometimes the giver feels ungratified. They said that its the thought that counts. Yes, there were a lot of thoughts that went through when the giver was in the process of deciding and buying the gifts. And until those thoughts  are translated into gift, there will be no evidence of thoughts coming through.

There is a much simpler way by sending out your greetings. But with social media around its the more easier to do this. So there, we have our choices.

My friend used to stay away and go on vacation on holidays.  Don’t know if its a way of escaping gift giving. The whole family hies away far from neighbors and friends. An excellent idea, since they get the chance to get together as a family to spend quality time.

But for my birthday boy, it would be a simple dinner or a birthday cake.

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