11th Item My Bucket List


Aha! and so that reminds me I actually have 20. Five years ago when I was 50 years old I wrote as much I could, no scrimping, I  hoarded every dreams that I could think of. And I came up with this number making sure that most of them are attainable. The 11th  must be something about travelling to Spain.

Not only to Spain but I have some other travel wishes. The idea of travelling as a  forward motion is a time travelling experience for me. When I sit on a moving bus looking out the window I see this speeding, changing scenes in front of me. It brings to my mind all the different history of a particular place. While sitting in an airplane looking at the wonderful works of nature above puts me in a converation with God as he explains to me all my other dreams.

My mind takes pictures from these moving reel of film across me then it makes a comparison of what I’ve read through the years. The changing highways, roads or bridges reminds me of mans’ ingenuity and progress in engineering through the years. I think of all pioneering man and woman back in the days taking their horses pulling wagon behind, the days and weeks of travelling in uncomfortable mode of transportation with all the dust, dirt, snow or rain.

A feeling of gratitude overpowers me when I’m travelling, for all those before me, who toiled hard and cost their life so I see  what I see around me.

And most of all travelling gives me strength and power  to praise God who has made this world I lived in.

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