My Top Three Post


For the week Feb 1 to 7, my top three  are in the following order from highest to lowest:

  1. The 8th Sin, thou shall listen and pay utmost attention to the first voice. Learned responsibility at a very young age when my mother got exhausted calling me home after a days’ play, I was instead taught to pay attention to  time to the sun as a way to tell time. Through the years even when my mother wasn’t around her “voice”  was embedded in my subconscious and became my own compass as I grew into adulthood and decide in my moments of crisis.

  2. On Time Travelling I blog about my ancestors, the journey they took from their place of comfort to seek a better future for the generation after them, took me to where I am today enjoying the fruits of their struggles. Learning about my ancestors and their life before  taught me to  listen and pay attention because their life is a message that my generation will follow in those same footsteps for the sake of those after us. Whether we like or not  those same messages will be delivered  to the future.

  3. 11th Item on My Bucket List were all about the physical and emotional sensation I experience when travelling. Whether travelling by land or air we can’t help but feel grateful to the omnipotent God who has made all things possible for us to enjoy  this world where we live. Travelling is listening to the pulse of the earth as we look at the wonders sorrounding us.

Looking back at  these blogs it was a week of listening for me. Listening to the voices of people where I came from, our biological ancestors, then in conclusion  listening to mother earth itself where I am.

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