Old, New Habits

Seeing someone spit makes a shiver run through my spine. It’s feeling worms and other squirmy insects crawling on my skin and makes me jump.

Spit. Disgusting.

Once when I  was doing an agricultural  research in a farm community,  we stayed for a few days  in a native house, its walls made from palm leaves supported by bamboo poles in between, our bed were made from bamboo, wood and native materials. In the middle of the night, a tingly sensation down my right leg woke me up. As I was trying to decide if its just my dry skin expanding, the sensation was travelling down to my foot. I knew it is a living being saying hello to a guest in this house and right then I decided it must die for violating my personal space. Slowly I position my right hand on top of the blanket where it is located making sure it wouldn’t escape then crushed it with my hand, rolled it on the floor. When I was certain that nothing is moving, I unfold the blanket and found a half foot brown centipede dangling and  lifeless.

Up to this day when I look at crawling beings like snakes or lizards  I feel like they’re crawling on my skin. Same thing when I see people spitting. But I have to restrain myself and so I did it once. There. Yes I spat on the corner of the street where I was walking because suddenly I felt my stomach turn when I saw someone spit.

But come to think of it, in the bible this is what God used, spit and mud, to create Adam in his image and likeness. This is also what Jesus used when he made the blind man see, he took a dirt on the ground spat on it, turning it into a paste and put on the man’s eye.

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