Sudden Shifts

Another story dear readers and this actually happened but… no hail or eating a watermelon in the beach.

Its the earthquake in June 1991 when the 600 hundred year old Mt. Pinatubo volcano  erupted. It happened around lunchtime as most of us were sitting in our table working. Suddenly the building was shaking, we look at each other until one shouted “earthquake” I stood up trying to remember all those earthquake drill lessons I’ve done, such as hiding underneath the table or anything that would cover me from falling structures. Thank God  shaking stopped a few minutes after and we all started breathing.

The following workday we heard different stories mostly scary, mix up with humorous and fun  to lighten up the situation. But one story was how two of my co workers who hated each other found themselves in one room and ended up in each others’ arms at the height of the shaking.

Being a newbie in that office I’ve witnessed how some of my co workers were not in talking terms with each other. Shouting matches, yelling, doors slamming and drawers throwing were normal daily events. Okay that was an exageration, its one or the other but not all at the same time. Never a day or a week passing by without bickering or arguing on issues not job related.  Everyday was a warning and look-see as to what comes next.

And only one event could bring people together, that earthquake. But the hardness of heart prevailed because when things went back to normal, they, too, were back to their usual bickering, fighting and  arguing.

Most of the time we call on God as if he is superman to come and save us when we’re in crisis and  we embrace friends and enemies equally because we know what is right but we slide as soon as we think we’re in control of the situation.

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2 thoughts on “Sudden Shifts

  1. Very true and very sad. I often think of the events of 9/11/2001 when the Pentagon and the Twin Towers were damaged and destroyed. We never really believed that terrorism would come to the United States, but it did. People cried out to God and started going back to church. But when things calmed down and people went back to their normal routines, they quickly forgot about God. It seems we want God to stay out of our lives until there is a crisis we know we can’t handle. We treat God the same way we treat our enemies. How it must break His heart!


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