On the Road to LA

Its the end of the month and I have never  posted any prompts. I know, who cares, no one remembers, no one knows about it  until today. Everyday there’s this inner desire to do so, I power my tablet, place it on my lap, go to wordpress reader, enjoy reading, press like or share. Yes, I would draft something, then an interruption, then another thing. Until that draft ends up in my  draft files. I have plenty of them, like maybe thirty.

There is something in procrastination, that leaves me procrastinated. Worst is it comes with a company, like “this post is not good enough”. Then I begin to compare my work with that of other better writers or bloggers. I judge my own work eventually bringing myself down.

So I busy myself reading a lot. And doing some hobby like my crossstitching. Until my eyes gets tired. The eye doctor gave me some prescrition called Refresh which I drop in my eyes and voila! Things get brighter and clearer. That is how I felt when first joined wordpress, everything is bright and clear. Everyday was a day of excitement as I turn my laptop on, see the big wordpress logo then I would log in. In fact wordpress is in my mind and heart the whole day, to the point of dreaming about it. I would dream of future post that would make a big hit online, that would get a thousand likes.

But here I am waking up at the end of the month, looking at my site at, except for a reblogging, there is nothing new. But hey, today I woke up singing  from my dream. Someone in my dream asks me to sing and so I kept singing until I woke up. As soon as I opened my eyes I search my memory and the song was Tomorrow, “the sun comes up, tomorrow…….”

There is nothing as refreshing as waking up to the sun, its always a day away and I would post this one, “come what may”.

<a href=””>Refresh</a&gt;


4 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. I know what you mean – there is the internal pressure to post, but it’s more for us (the writer) than anyone else…. I let over a month slip by between posts – mostly because of priorities… have a great day.

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