The Red Truck, Yellow Car

truck rebuilt

When my husband was deciding on buying a new vehicle I would  passively  influence him to try a colorful one. I love red. Also other colors that are  happy and electric, electric yellow, electric green, electric orange,  electric blue.  Once when renting a room  I repainted  my room to electric  green  I almost fell from the ladder as  the wall began to spin around me. Staring and looking at the wall  too long during the   first coating, then second coating unrealizably were  doubling  my vision.

Now that he has this red retirement truck, he comes home excited about how coworkers and friends would complement and rave about its looks and appearance. It was a unique made to order, custom built, eight foot bed with back seat.  How a vehicle makes man a man. It is huge and long, I am talking about the truck.

But not everybody is happy about the color, though. Each time I look at the truck it gives me the cheer, especially when he says he did it for his love for me.

It took him years prior to placing the order  vacillating between a short bed, an eight footer, a back seat, or a short back seat, black or silver, etc. etc. Then another year for the manufacturer  to deliver, the latest model will begin on a certain month  etc., etc.  Safely speaking it took him three years to process and plan and finally place the order. It also took me those many years to convince him to change the color into red. His original plan was either, black or silver.

Now here’s the story, I am learning how to drive and eventually will have to get one for my use. My husband loves doing some research planning,  both on the internet and visiting dealers. He called me last time and said that he found a used car for me with 76k mileage just right for me. A ford fiesta. I can’t have a new one because I’m a new driver, in fact, I failed the first written test. I’ll need my own vehicle to go around for some errands and it won’t be used for long travel since we have his huge truck. There was taunting, teasing and a vision of grin on his lips when he said that the color is yellow.

I could just imagine our garage, a red truck, a yellow car, and my sister in laws’ blue mini van.

Next time I’ll be careful what I wish for. It will be granted.

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