Last weekend, for lack of nothing to do my friend and I went to the mall, the place to go for girls.  I am always filled with  apprehension about how malls entices people into spending and acquiring things that are not  necessary. It thrives on psychological baser instinct of wanting and satisfying the temporal needs.  Inspite  equipping with these knowledge I always find myself at the losing end, buying things that goes inside the closet never to be seen again.

Even when we avoided going inside the huge department store chains around we were still caught up with consumerism with the presence of booths scattered along the hallway. They were selling a variety of items ranging from tech gadgets, delicacies, toys and what nots.

We ended up in one of them, an eyebrow threading place with a promotion (really!!) at the same time selling make ups that has more promotion (really!!). Two young girls in college probably working part time took each one of us,   we allowed ourselves some pampering by having shaped eyebrows and full make up until we finally swipe out our cards on some products that we needed to improve our sagging skin.

Our next stop was a booth offering hair accessories, extensions, clips which were again manned by two young girls I pressume were college students. We each bought colored hair extensions, why not?

My friend, being the more entertaining and gregarious one while me toeing behind, peeking from her shoulders whenever something interesting comes out was doing the inquiry. All these time my interest was directed to the sales girls, obviously, one was  more eloquent and articulate with an ability to hold a customers’ attention compared to the other. The perseverance of the girl attending to me wasn’t enough to convince that satisfying my temporary needs may make me happy once in a while, like this day.

I wanted to leave, frustrated and undecided on what suits me, but my friend was having fun, giggling, laughing and admiring herself in the mirror. I noticed the dogged persistence the other girl was doing to hold my friend,  offering to try different products explaining as best as she could how one product is exceptional than the other,  products that weren’t shown to me by my sales person.  To make the story short our bag was full  based on the sales talk of the other girl.

The girl with an innate selling skill made me splurge while the other one was  probably in her learning stage and might not make any sale at all.  In my mind I was wondering which of the girls would have a better future, the one with the seemingly innate marketing skills  or the one who was learning the ropes?

As we were leaving I also noticed that people started to flock around the booths we’ve been  showing interest in their products.  At this point I  wish those girls will make a good sale and desire for them a best future.

We went back to our car, giggling and laughing at another great fun weekend for a change.

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