For someone who writes  and speaks english as a secondary language, it’s not a snappy act to come up with  a paragraph and  eventually  get stuck with  a meager one or two sentences for self expression. The native writers in this country  tend to use idioms and jargons like drinking water from a fountain. Here I am, a  non native with an inherent  human tendency to compare and equate work  with other writers, am  forever confronted with  uncertainty and  intimidated if I am in the right path  pursuing this art.

Yes, I get envious for not writing and speaking exceptional english language and I am running out of  endurance for learning too slow would be glad  to even classifying my efforts mediocre.

Which leads me to two possible opposing direction,

be consumably reluctant, discouraged, cowed in the corner to finally withdraw in defeat. Allowing myself  to do that, lets me justify that  fortune didn’t smile in my direction, that  this world was never  fair,  reserved only to the few who are chosen and powerful. Except me. I am not one of them. This is the  easiest choice in life, relegating oneself to the sideline.

No more striving to express or  write or seeking my own creativity. I could go on living my life aimlessly, let nature takes its own course.

The other possible reaction is to  resist this fear of  intimidation and stop looking at the impossible. It is a rough ride, as I begin my journey, both power of persuading and dissuading comes  from the same voice and the same heart. The pushing and the holding lies on the same hands. It is  lonely and daunting.

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