Help!  I’m hooked with cross stitching and can’t get off  my hands from filling up the tiny squares of the cloth with colorful threads of exes. There is a magnet like energy pulling me towards this craft each time with the tiny   x’s hypnotizing me.

I was duped into thinking that this is an effortless, uncomplicated, simple and easy project.

It takes me half an hour to plan my strategy every session, first where do I begin, how to go about the direction of the stitches up or down, left to right, and which color is best to begin. As soon as I decide on the color, I make sure that I pull each strand flawlessly as they tend to knot in confusion with each other. Then  I count once on the design itself, then another on the cloth. Whenever I forget the number I count again, then again. Each needle point has to be precise and accurately fall on the exact hole  because you  don’t want too many holes on the cloth.

Inspite of all my strategic planning  methodology, I make many errors. Once,  I stitch the wrong color, at another time,  a mistake in counting  either too many or too little stitches,  skipping or  overlapping  x’s. In my ardent desire to finish my project I stayed late one night only to wake up that it  was all a mistake. In all of this instances I spent more time  unraveling and extricating  exes to undo my mistake so I could  finally redo stitching.

In life as in stitching we all do the same thing.  We  plan our strategy, use tried and tested formula from other people or  institutions of learning, spending endless time, exert  inexhaustible effort and squander resources sacrificing personal comfort only to find  flaws  along the way.

I admit my project is not as perfect as the design. There are overlapping and skipping stitches, I tried compensating with closer color shades, while other mistakes I let them stay as it is.

Some mistakes simply cannot be undo or redo as in stitching. There is only a moving forward and making life  better for everybody.

Life is not perfect and will never be.

Finally, I am showing this unfinished project.  It is amazing how all these different color and count of exes join together to make an extremely admirable picture.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/disaster/”>Disaster</a&gt;

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