Daily Breathe


It is surreal to think that we are just one breathe away from mortality. With the passing of a 57 year old talented, brilliant, multi awarded singer Prince, a figure I am not too keen, even though I’m not a fan, it comes as a shock to lose someone who has lived a promised life and would still do if given more breath.

This very common and taken for granted activity, breathing  is certainly life itself. Once it’s  gone, life is gone.  Every morning as soon as I wake up I sit up in my bed to begin my session of knowing,  appreciating and acquainting with this thing called breathing.

It involves two alternating activity, inhaling and exhaling. Chemically speaking we take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Humans like us give off carbon dioxide for the consumption of  other life giving  organisms such as plants and trees which in turn  gives off oxygen, a chemical we  use for our own health benefit such as blood circulation.   A balance is then  established  between us and our environment,  getting and  giving life,  simultaneously.

Breathing comes  in various length, depth, or a combination of both. They may be long, short, snappy, deep, shallow or  long and deep, short and shallow, short and snappy. Or it may be full of  emotions, happy and joyful, excited and full of life, angry and frustrated. Or it may come warning us of impending end of life.

With Princes’ passing  the more information I hear about him, I breathe of disappointment, nostalgia, regrets, dissatisfaction. Why take away someone who could give this world so much?  Someone who could’ve shown us how to live a promised life, why?

I was filled with so much regrets and disappointments when my parents passed away, regrets for things that I could’ve done more for them and disappointment that they’ve never were able to enjoy and live a promised life, the fruits of their labor.

But whether someone who are famous, rich, talented and  brilliant who makes the news dies, or someone whose popularity stays only in one of their namesake, my brothers and their grandchildren,  in the end life is even. The maker is telling us they’ve done enough for you. Now it’s your turn to do what you can do. The opportunity is wide and open, your options are infinite.


In the movie Pretty woman, I am reminded of a scene when Julia Roberts was soaking in a bathtub, with earphones on, singing one of Princes’ songs and Richard Geere  came in with a proposition to work for him, as Julia Roberts put down the earphone and  said, “don’t you just love prince?”.

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