In my recent attempt at putting order into my working desk, that was last weekend, one object is always present seeking an attention but which I passively ignore at the same time, the old address book. It is an 8 by 4 inches, leather bound in brown with the title “address book” neatly printed in gold. The letters are still bright and solid, its edges intact, the old plastic laminate covering front and back. I was twenty two when I bought it when I started my first job, figure I was in business and would be meeting different people then and in the future, an address book would greatly assist me in remembering specific names and addresses. Yes, I remember being twenty two from the first pages there was my old address, telephone numbers, names and persons to be contacted in case of emergency.
As I flipped the pages, its funny the names of my boss and supervisors were there, guess they were the first significant people I’ve met with great influence, they never gave me anything except more work and stress. I’ve learned that some of them have retired while others are still working their assess off. Through the years the list of names in that address book has grown to people I barely remember now. Perhaps when I became an insurance agent, tupperware dealer, avon makeup dealer, those were the names of my client. I wanted to be rich and make more money as these businesses claimed they would which. Instead I gave them more sales and made them more money. But I had fun and enjoyed different company of people in various ages and culture.
Out of curiosity and to decide whether i should finally abandon this address book, I contacted two friends. But this time I used facebook by sending them a message saying hello and that I like the poems that she posted on her newsfeed. Its been a week now and I haven’t had any response. Well I understand that because we weren’t really “friends” but mere acquaintances owing to the nature of our work.
This other one was actually a friend in a sense that we shared joy and laughter, I was the godmother of her daughter and we would each invite one another on especial occasions. We talked on the phone for hours catching up on all the years gone by. She is now a grandmother, her husband passed away a few years ago. But she is still working in the same company and place where I left. As she was speaking in my mind, I could still see the building where we go in every morning, the security guards greeting good morning as we clock in with our thumb. Then we would go in the elevators and sit down at our desk.
I don’t think it wise to abandon this address book today. It still brings a lot of memories.

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One thought on “Abandoned

  1. My Mom couldn’t let go of her old address book, either. She bought a new one recently and was transferring the old info and leaving out the names of those names whom she couldn’t remember and why they were ther at all, when she saw the names of her deceased brother, a beloved first cousin and some friends who had passed on . She didn’t throw it away… instead she put it in a box , containg her other ” memories .”


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