To prioritize  worries in its various stage as I wake up in the morning is a priority. One is the absence of  internet in my area and I have to go down the lobby of this building, next is to concentrate on my next subject post, then, my mind is filled with excitement with this new crosstitch project I started and my hands are itching to go back at it, then,  I have to try harder at my meditation as I deliberately allow my thoughts to wander aimlessly. The brain is so busy even when it is not doing anything.

Meditation is not only sitting, staring, or  doing nothing, one has to do ones’  best at emptying. Hard to fathom? Not really, just imagine how an empty glass accepts water and how  a full one refuses. The best I could say about it now.

Twenty four hours isn’t just enought at times. There is no time. We are asked to flourish in the midst of all. Been doing meditation for more than twenty years randomly,  on and off. And with this method would not take me anywhere near a guru. Not anytime soon. But I admit it took me somewhere.

To understand my purpose and passion. And to attain it, I only have to look at myself, the approval of others is not a priority. Nor the place and time of the circumstances I am.

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