Just had an idea on a topic how life sucks when I am in a need to do something,  my finger accidentally hit a button on my screen and you know what comes next. This pisses me off as I am in place on a very limited time using  wifi signal to finish this prompt.  How this law of attraction ( works as dianemackinnon is talking about. How we attract energy when we are in a sensitive state that produces more energy within us.

With my irregular work schedule, constant moving and changing,  my attempt to get into a routine is a constant failure affecting my writing and posting goal. And because of this I produce that panicky mode inside though much  more calmer and subtle as I engage in activities entirely different from writing. I know that the moment I stop it is not easy to go back into that momentum despite efforts in talking myself out of it,  mentally convincing my brain isn’t enough.

And now the more I ponder about it, the more resistance I meet on the way. When I say I am panicking it just dawn on me that I’ve been panicking a long time ago. Each time I start a post the feeling of having to leave the computer in a few minutes annoys me, an emotion  I hate lingering around.

So I keep attracting more hatred, annoyances, panicking, the ultimate of which is a fear that all these things I am striving at doing aren’t worth after all.

But come to think of it all these reaction has been with me ever since the negative and positive energies, pleasant and unpleasant, good and bad are working together in this world.

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