My eye just twitch  watching this prompt. Did I just read that?  Blank. Nothing. Empty. Void. A huge empty space void  filled with nothing but blank.

Blanking  is a deliberate move to erase, cross out, delete in order to blank. The first instruction I heard when I started meditation. Blank. Blanking is suspending  life and all its substantive meaning to  lock  them up in a virtual  cage. An attempt to living life at another stage in  a parallel world.

When I go blank I become completely consumed  of my  physical senses, its connection to its original source.  The sound of my own heart beat, witnessing  its power to make the chest rise and fall at regular intervals, never rising and rising, or falling and falling, but rising and falling, falling and rising. Each rising and falling gets deeper, longer,  bottomless, reaching into the bowels of the universe seated right inside. Once there it attains peace and calm.

As the heart achieves  serenity, that message is sent  to the other organs inside the body communicating the perfection process of life, that everything is in order, life constinues.  Chemically,  an oxygenated blood is flowing through the veins delivering that oxygen the lifeblood that helps organs  perform their  job.

I’ll stop here, I’m blank.


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