After a fun, colorful and comfortable weekend it’s going back to the grind for me. The cooperative weather was suitable for all the activities that needed doing. Family gathering, lunch with family and friends, doctors’ appointment. Connecting with the outside world, catching up with what’s new with people around me.

When times like these come up I give up my personal quiet time to accomodate unique situations in my normal living. Missing morning meditation and quiet time with crafting.

And how easy it is to get strayed,  lose balance eventually get disconnected with my inner self. Even when I went to sleep my thoughts kept going back to a friends’ predicament. It is something when you share time, listen, console or sympathize with them. My own opinions about their situation wouldn’t change a bit to bring solution to their problems. One could only do so much for friends.

Watching the morning news is a great distraction to inner peace. How all the accidents are sensationalized as if the whole world is in war everyday and each one has to ran away for safety.

And its treading on deep waters as you watch yourself slowly engulfing  the anxieties and worries of people around you. As soon as  I thought I had my own roots on the ground, it pulled itself right away. Faithfulness has never been a one time shot for longer sustainance.

As soon as I disconnected with my daily peace ritual, I realized I got immediately connected to another powerful force lurking and waiting for my complacent attitude to come out.

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