Why creativity ‘slips through your hands’ and what can you do about it

Business in Rhyme


Probably you do recognize yourself in those moments when you think “Oh, today, I’m just not in the mood for writing! I’ll do it some other time”. And it is no secret that many artists, including poets had that need to ‘induce’ their mood through drugs and alcoholism in order to create. For example:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge that it is regarded as one of the founder of  of the Romantic Movement in England was known for his opium addiction in later creative years;

It’s also widely accepted that Arthur Rimbaud’s long poem “A Season in Hell” was written under the influence of opium too;

French poet Charles Baudelaire declared that only when he’s drunk he is able to write. Similar happened to Dylan Thomas who also battled alcoholism for years.

So there is a globally accepted belief that great art can only be produced in moments of sadness, suffering, depression  or that we need…

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